What Is Shoot-N-Stack?

Shoot-N-Stack is a mix between Tetris, and the popular arcade game Missile Command and was made for the 2021 Hack-Cade hackathon. The goal of the game is to use your turrets to maniuplate the falling tetraminoes. Like Tetris, the goal is to not let them stack up to reach past a certain height. To learn more about how the game works, check out the game demo tab above! To view our Devpost submition, check out the link below!

Devpost Submition



I was responsible for coding the website from scratch, hosting the website using Google Firebase, and setting up the Domain.com domain name. Although I was not responsible for the graphics, I worked together with Mateo to come up with many of the designs. Lastly, I spent some time in Unity working on some smaller features of the game, such as the UI, scoring, and particle systems.


I was heavily involved in the writing of essential scripts. I worked tightly with Nic to ensure that the game logic was sound and everything was working as intended. I also played a large role in developing the game concept itself.


I spent all my time on the Unity side of this project, taking on a leadership role in this field. Having the most experience in game development, I used my background knowledge to develop a detailed plan that we could all follow to ensure that we would be able to finish on time.


I took the role of being a creative lead, creating the essential graphics and crafting a clean user interface, building the game's unique arcade aesthetic. This includes the sprites , fonts, backgrounds, icons, and logo.